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About International UnionPay KW Card

Keywin Cloud Financial Technology Company is generated in response to changes in the business market with innovation.
The core strategic partners come from financial business, media internet of things, engineering technology, business application consultants, and cross-business with construction, human resources agency,
With 15 years of original professional background and cross-industry experience, the cooperation has reached new business models, new payment systems, and new cross-border strategic application.

Provide services that are more convenience of living, cross-border payment, and services in financial technology.
For more than 15 years, the strategic partners serve internationally renowned brand companies and domestic companies,
Public organizations, government agencies, chain brand enterprises, marketing management, chain retail system establishment
Cooperation with industry and universities promote the exchange of professional human resources around the world.

KEYWIN international payment

All business can’t be separated from the sale and buy, all the sale and buy need Payment!

Foreign Exchange Rate Reference

货币换算: TWD/USD

For exchange rates in Taiwanplease refer to Taiwan’s Bank Rate Table


Low Transaction fees

30 Millions
POS machine

Instant payment

1,8 Millions
ATM withdrawals

24 hours instant cash withdrawal